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A: Discussion

  1. Look at the photos. Do you like what the people are wearing?
    Why or why not?
  2. What do you wear when you are going out?
    Why do you wear this?
  3. In your country, do most students wear a uniform to school.
    Why or why not?
  4. What do you think about school uniforms?
  5. What rules do schools in your country have about what students
    can wear to school?

Reading Activities

Worksheet For Student A:

February 9, Reuters – Parents in Ginza, Tokyo are surprised
because their children’s school wants designer uniforms for
students. The school in Ginza is in a fashionable shopping
area of Tokyo.
The public elementary school, Taimei Elementary School,
wants uniforms for new students by Italian fashion designer,
Giorgio Armani The uniforms cost more than 80,000 yen
($729), 3 times as much as the old uniforms, the Huffington
Post said. (Continued…/)

A: Comprehension
Read Part One of the article. Answer the questions.

  1. What is the name of the school in today’s article?
  2. Where is the school?
  3. What is special about the new school uniform?
  4. How much is the new uniform?

B: Understanding Meanings
Look at the parts of the sentences from Part One. Answer the questions.

  1. Parents in Ginza, Tokyo….
    This means…
    a. the parents live in Ginza.
    b. the parents do not live in Ginza.
  2. The school…is in a fashionable shopping area…
    This means…
    a. Ginza is a fashionable shopping area.
    b. the school teaches students fashion and shopping.
  3. …3 times as much as the old uniforms.
    This means…
    a. an old uniform costs more than 77,000 yen.
    b. an old uniform costs more than 26,000 yen. 4. The uniforms cost more than 80,000 yen…
  4. This means…
    1. a. a new uniform is 40,000 yen.
    2. b. a new uniform is 80,000 yen.

Part Two:
(Continued…/) Armani’s Japan head office is just 200
meters (219 yards) away from the public school.
One mother says she feels surprised. The Huffington
Post says the mother wonders why a public elementary
school wants “luxury brand-designed uniforms”.
The mother worries that children at the school may
think “something expensive is good and something
cheap is bad.”
Her child starts school in April when a new school
year begins.
In a letter to parents, headmaster Toshitsugu Wada,
says the designer uniforms help create ‘a suitable
atmosphere’ for the school.

C: Quiz

Read Part Two of the article. Choose the best answer for each question

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Welcome Back A1,A2

D: Comparing Information And Ideas

One Student A works with a Student B.

  1. Tell your partner about your article. Who was it about? What happened?
  2. What do you feel about the uniform at the school in Ginza? Why do you think this?
  3. What do you feel about the girl in Delaware? Why do you think this?
  4. What kind of uniform is best for a school? Why?
  5. Which schools are better: schools with uniforms or schools with no uniforms? Why?