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I Want to Travel A1,A2

To Begin

What do you want to do this weekend?

Language Building

These expressions are in the conversation below.
Can you match the two halves?

to graduate
the tourist
a postcard
a big hotel
an office
from university


Read the conversation and fill in the blanks from the list below.

Mary: So, you are going to graduate from university in a few months. What’s your plan?

George Well, I don’t want to start work immediately. I want to travel for a few 1. ……………………. first.

Mary: Really? Where do you want to go?

George: I really want to go to 2. ………………….. Maybe Thailand and Vietnam. I definitely want to go somewhere warm.

Mary: And then?

George: Well, I want a job in the tourist industry. I really want to work for one of the big hotel chains.

Mary: That sounds like a good 3. ……………………..

George: Yeah – I think so. I don’t want an office job. I want to work with
4. ……………….. and also go abroad to work.

Mary: Well, good luck! Send me a postcard from Thailand!

Missing Words: Asia | customers | months | idea


Ask and answer the questions with a partner.

  1. When is George going to graduate?
  2. Does he want to start work immediately?
  3. Where does he want to go?
  4. In which industry does he want to work?
  5. What kind of job does George not want?

Language Work

Read the grammar focus and complete the practice below

Grammar Focus: Want

With verbs

George wants to work abroad
He doesn’t want to start work immediately.
Where do you want to go?
Do you want to travel?
Yes I do. / No I don’t.

With nouns

George wants a job in the tourist industry He doesn’t want an office job?


Quiz 1 of 0

I Want to Travel A1,A2


Ask and answer questions about the topics below.

learn something new
go abroad
change job
be famous
study English more
move house
live in the USA
buy a new car