What is the difference between Halloween in Japan and Canada ?   ハロウィンの違い?

Halloween Party 2019

先日27日になかもずLSでもHalloween partyがありました。

Q1.What is the difference between Halloween in Japan and Canada ?

Well this might surprise you but Halloween and trick or treating was previously only in Canada and the US.
Not England, Australia or other countries.
Halloween is a very big event in Canada and almost all children dress up and go trick or treating or go to a Halloween party.
Teens and adults might go to a house party dressed in a costume as well.
Here is an interesting video that shows an American Halloween night.

I think that Japanese like to dress in costumes but have not started to trick or treat yet.
Hopefully in the future !

驚ろくかもしれませんが、ハロウィンやtrick or treatingは、以前はカナダとアメリカのみ行われていました。
ハロウィンはカナダでは非常に大きなイベントで、ほとんどすべての子供たちがドレスアップし、trick or treating、ハロウィンパーティーに行きます。
日本人は仮装を着るという点は似ていますが、まだtrick or treating お家にお菓子をもらいに行くという点はそこまで流行ってないですよね。将来始まればいいですね!

Q2 Do children wear costumes to go trick or treatiing in their neighbourhood? Until what ages is it OK to do that?
子供は仮装してお菓子もらいに行くの? 何歳までする?

Yes, almost all children go out on Halloween night. It’s very exciting for them.
I think until about 12 or so is the accepted age to trick or treat.
To get candy you have to knock on the door and say “trick or treat “.
A treat is candy or a snack and a trick is to do something bad.

約12歳くらいがtrick or treatingに受け入れられる年齢だと思います。
キャンディーをもらうために、ドアをノックして”trick or treat”をしなければなりません。
treat はキャンディーやおやつ、 trickは何か悪いことすることです。

Q3 Do the children do something bad if they don’t get candy ?

No, its just a greeting. Children can always get candy if they go to a house with lights on and Halloween decorations.
If a house doesn’t have the lights on they won’t trick or treat there.

それはただの挨拶です。子供たちは家の電気がついていて、ハロウィーンの装飾がされた家に行くといつでもキャンディーをもらうことができます。家に電気が付いていない場合は、そこではtrick or treatingはしません。

Halloween English
Kids : Knock, Knock
Adult : Hello ! What is your costume ?
Kids : I’m ( a police officer / monster / princess )
Adult: Wow that is so ( cute / scary / etc… )
Kids : Trick or Treat
Adult : Here you go ! Please take some / please take 2 each …. ( handing out candy )
Kids / Adult : Happy Halloween, bye !