What is Valentines Day?

What is Valentines Day?

Happy Valentines Day!  from 英会話360



The fourteenth of February is Saint Valentine’s, Valentine’s Day.

The custom of many countries is to send or give cards and chocolates to each other. Not only couples, but also family members can exchange gifts as a show of affection. This custom originated in the UK but has spread around the world. In England around 1.3 billion pounds are spent on Valentine’s day gifts, with 25 million cards being sent annually. In the US 190 million cars are sent!   

In Japan the customs are a little different. The event was popularised by the chocolate company, Morozoff Ltd in 1936, and it was aimed at foreigners living in Japan at the time. In 1953 other ocmpanies promoted the giving of heart shaped chocolates as gifts.

There are several different types of chocolates people give each other in Japan:

Giri-choko – giri means obligation in English. This is a custom in which co-workers give each other chocolates out of obligation.

Honmei-choko – this means `true feeling` chocolate is is given to loved ones.

Tomo-choko- these are chocolates given to friends

Whatever you do on Valentines Day we at 英会話360 wish you all a Happy Valentines Day!


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