James | ジェームス ( CAN)

Hello ! This is James. I’m the Founder and Chief More Life Partner at Eikaiwa360. I’m from Vancouver, Canada. I’ve worked as a CFP, stock broker, and Regional Sales Manager in the past and have owned several Education related businesses. I enjoy developing and teaching finance and business related courses. In my free time I […]

Robert | ロバート


Hello, my name is Robert. こんにちは、ロバートです。   Originally a doctor, I have come to Japan to study the Japanese language and spend some time teaching English. 元々は医者で、日本語を学ぶために来日し、英語を教えています。 As well as language study, I also enjoy cooking and hiking. 言語の他にも、料理やハイキングが好きです。よろしくお願いします!   Rob

Jesse | ジェシー

Hello ! こんにちは!   My name is Jesse ( N3 ~ ) and I come from Sydney, Australia. わたしの名前はジェシーです。オーストラリアのシドニーから来ました。 I have lived and worked in Osaka since 2009. 2009年から大阪に住んで働いています。 I really enjoy Osaka’s distinct culture, which is different from other parts of Japan. 日本の他の都市とは違う大阪の個性的な文化が大好きです。 And of course, the food ! もちろん、食べ物も! I am sure you […]

Ryan | ライアン

Hello! My name is Ryan. I am from Northern Ireland (UK). I came to Japan in 2015 and I really enjoy Osaka! In University I studied computers, business and math. My hobbies are listening to music, watching movies and making new friends. I’m a teacher here at the Nakamozu and Komyoike Language Studios and I’m […]